Lawn Care Tips For Your Home

Taking care of your lawn keeps the grass healthy and prevents dreaded brown and forming of bare spots, and it does not always have to be a struggle against the elements. Changes on how you mow, water, and fertilize your lawn can make a big impact. Below are some tips you can use.

Get to know your soil and fix underlying issues

Whatever happens above the ground shows what goes on underneath. Take instruction from Lawn Care St. Louis and examine your soil, so that you can know your starting point soil ph. The agricultural agent will have details on respected soil laboratories and test kits. Turn the recommendations to projects after getting the results. Use soil amendments as recommended by the lab to upgrade your lawn’s potential.

Remove weeds, moss and thatch

These annoying items can hinder growth by preventing nutrients and air from reaching the roots. They can appear anywhere as they are brought into the garden by flying birds, animals roving across the grass and pets or even your footwear and clothing. Lawn weeds can grow as flowers or seed heads with a wide range of types that are common in lawns. The easiest way to remove the weed is by uprooting the whole weed either by using a tool or by hand, in case of large amounts spray them directly with a small toxic herbicide.

Seed right for the first time and feed your grass well

Timing is critical whether seeding new areas, thickening existing grass for seeding your lawn. Organise your seeding in a way they correspond with periodic grass growth and the finest time to plant grass. Plant seeds well and keep away from the usual grass seeding errors. Also you need to feed your grass well, lawn grasses require proper nutrition. Nitrogen is critical in retaining a lawn’s lush, green and vibrant. Percentages of the real nitrogen and other nutrient products are on the numbers on the fertilizers label and you should be careful not to feed too often or too much, as it causes more harm than good. Also watering lawn grasses deeply at less frequent pauses makes them grow well.

Mowing and edging

Always adhere to good practices for lawn mowing, mowing based on growth of grass. Mowing heights differ according to the season and grass type, some grasses are best kept short while other types require more height. Hot periods warrant increased mowing heights all round. Change mowing heights over different sessions. Do not mow when the grass or soil is wet, it damages the lawn.

If you follow these tips to regularly maintain and check your lawn, your lawn will look luxuriant and healthy.

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