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Frequently asked questions

What size farm area will I need?

Farm sizes depend upon the size of the family; typically a 20 x 20 sq ft area will feed a family of 4. A 15 x 15 sq ft will feed a family of 2-3. A 12 X 12 sq ft. plot will feed an individual or family of 2. Both larger and smaller farms are available as we do try our best to accommodate each individual farms needs.

In what geographic area do you service?

Anywhere within the Portland,  Lake Oswego and Milwaukie areas.

Will I choose the vegetables and/or herbs that will    be planted?

Yes, your farm will be customized to your family. We have a list of vegetables that are available for your selection (depending on the growing season).

Do you use synthetics of any kind?

No! We use organic methods for pest control, such as keeping the farm tidy of weeds, mulching and watering. We only use natural fertilizers, organic seeds, and transplants.

Why would I want a backyard farmer?

Nothing is better than freshly harvested vegetables! By having Your Backyard Farmer tend your farm you know where your food comes from. You have the enjoyment and nutrition of fresh grown organic vegetables, a wonderful full farm and none of the work involved. Both Donna and Robyn have a degree in Horticulture and have been organic farmers for years. No worries about GMO.

Your Backyard Farming program is a combined effort between the farmers and your family. It creates a direct relationship between the production and consumption of food.


How often does the farmer come to my home to    take care of my farm?

The farmers will be at your home on a weekly visit. At this time we will weed, harvest, recheck your water system, and at scheduled times we will be fertilizing and doing any additional planting necessary. When we leave, your basket of freshly harvested field cleaned vegetables will be waiting for you at your back door.

What if I want to do it myself but need help?

Your Backyard Farmer offers a consulting program that runs from February through September. The way it works is we come to your farm once a month at a scheduled time and date. Each month that we come we teach a different aspect of farming in your yard. We teach soils, pest, disease, garden planning, crop rotation, succession planting, trellising, weeds, transplants verses seeding, cover cropping and so much more. You choose which vegetables you want to grow thru the season. By the time we are done you will be growing successfully your choice crops.


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