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Robyn, AAS Horticulture

Phone: 971 506 6508

Hello, I am originally from southern Idaho, I moved to the Portland area about 6 years ago. I first fell in love with this area on a vacation during Portland’s wonderful spring downpour. Everything was so incredibly green and vibrant. What a beautiful place to grow food and plants.

After several years assisting the public at a retail garden center, I decided to continue my education at the area’s top horticulture school, Clackamas Community College. Less than two years later, I have my degree!

Organic farming is one of my passions. Eating food that is fresh, safe and local is imperative. Being able to provide a sense of community associated with the operation of growing good foods and eating them, is important. Helping people realize this goal is an amazing feeling.


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Annual BEST Awards

Sustainable Food Systems
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"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."
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